The General Store at Cornerstone Montclair will be operating differently for the time being. Our goal is to still be a valuable part of the community while remaining safe and responsible.

CLICK HERE to see a sampling of our products that are available for curbside pick up and delivery!

Store Sampling

The General Store at Cornerstone Montclair will be operating differently for the time being. Our goal is to still be a valuable part of the community while remaining safe and responsible.

The Store has a great selection of puzzles, games and toys for all ages – fun and helpful while everyone is home.

The store is closed and while orders are not taken online, they can be made using the contact information below by phone, text or email for curbside pick-up or delivery.

Curb Pick-up

Call, email or text to set-up time.

198 Belleveue Avenue
Montclair, New Jersey, 07043

Games / Toys

The ultimate word race game!
Ages 7-107, 1-8 players

Cat Crimes and Dog Crimes
Who’s to Blame Logic Game
Ages 8+
Single player game, play alone or take turns

Indoor or outdoor fun!
Ages 6+

Slips and Ladders
Award winning board game of ups & downs!
Age 5+, 2-8 players

Plus Plus Products
Ages 1-12
Great learn to build activities!
$9.99 – $25

The Ungame
All ages and kids’ version
Non-competitive, unique way to share opinions, feelings and beliefs.

Yoga fun!
Goat Yoga $20
Yoga Dice $12

Each time you play this “looking game” the board is never quite the same!
Ages 5+, 1-6 players

Kazoo That Tune and Who Am I
Silly fun for the whole family
Ages 8+, 4 players

Dominoes with a kingdom-building twist!
Award winning game
Ages 8+, 2-4 players

Sloth in a Hurry
Easy to play improv game
Act out who, what & how
Ages 5+, 2-4 players

Travel Bingo
Get out and go for a ride and have some fun!
Ages 4+

Cobra Paw
Ages 6+, 2-6 players
A matching and snatching game!

Easy, fast-paced dice game
Ages 7+, 2-4 players

Brain Games
Based on the Emmy -Nominated TV Series
Ages 14+

Brain Game Kids
Ages 8+

Cupcake Spinner Game
Collect all of the ingredients you need for yummy cupcakes!
Ages 3+, 2-4 players

Gobblet Gobblers
Like tic-tac-toe but you can gobble up your opponents!
Ages 5+, 2 players

Mad Libs
Humor inducing game play!
Ages 10+

One of our best sellers!
Ages 5+, 2 players

Let the dice fly to get the best scoring combination
A staff favorite!
Ages 8+, 1-4 players

Giant Dominos
A Classic Game for the whole family
Helps build math skills

Crazy Aaron’s Putty
Various sizes and types

Rubik’s Cube
Kick it old school with a classic!

Escape the Room
Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor
Unravel the mystery, solve puzzles, find clues!
Ages 10+, 3-8 players

Bird Rattle for Babies
Ages 0+


Nee Doh Sensory Balls
Ages 3+

Quick thinking fast matching card game
Ages 8+

Sling Shot
Soft Foam Balls
Ages 4+

Wooden Train Cars by Melissa & Doug
Ages 3+

Latches Barn by Melissa & Doug
Ages 3+


Mr. Rogers 500 Pieces

Otter Puzzle 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Find Momo the Dog 1000 Pieces
Seek & Find Puzzle
$16.99 – SOLD OUT

Solar System 100 Pieces by Eeboo

Unicorn Garden Round 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Glow in the Dark 100 Pieces

Animals of the World 36 Pieces, 8 play figures
$ 16.99

Natural Sciences 100 Pieces by Eeboo

Vintage Butterfly 500 Pieces by Eeboo  

Momo the Dog 500 Pieces 
$13.99 – SOLD OUT

Wildlife in Africa 1000 Pieces by Eeboo
$24 – SOLD OUT

Jane Austen’s Book Club 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Unicorn Fantasy 2000 Pieces

Zodiac 1000 Pieces by Eeboo
$22 – SOLD OUT (more coming soon)

Desserts 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Snow Party Three Foot Long 48 Pieces by Eeboo

Potting Shed 1000 Pieces

Sloths or Dolphins 250 Pieces

Dog Park 1000 Pieces by Eeboo
$22 – SOLD OUT (more coming soon)

Butterflies and Moth 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Hummingbird 500 Pieces by Eeboo

Paris in A Day 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Sweet Shop 2000 Pieces

Peacock 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

New York City Life 1000 Pieces by Eeboo

Arts / Activities

Bright Ideas Pens
$14.95 – $29.95 (double ended pens)

365 Days of Drawing

Watercolor Pencils & Paper
Watercolor Pencils $18
Italian Watercolor Paper $12

365 Days of Creativity

Lite Brite
Retro Style, Creative Fun!

Sweet Treats or Ultimate Collection
Ages 5+

Make your Own Comic Book Kit
Practice, Play, Create
Ages 5+

Ten Color Pen

Garden Seeds
Mint Garden Kit $12
Small Seed Tins $4

Power Planner
Great way to organize your day!
Daily templates and fun stickers

Abby’s Butterfly Maker Activity Set
Ages 3+

Neighborhood Maker Activity Set
Ages 3+

Magnetic Responsibility Chart
by Melissa & Doug

Personal Care

Pinch Me
This isn’t your kids’ putty!
Keep calm with some sweet smelling therapy dough

Set of 8 face masks

Lovewild Products
Mexican Moon Bath $6
Deep Pore Mask $6

Herb Garden Liquid Soap $12

Duke Cannon Travel Size Hand Cream

Floral Hand Cream $8

Bathtime Products
Sloth, Llama or Unicorn Confetti $6
Bath Bomb $5

General Gifts

Butterfly Pouch

Stuck On You Enamel Pins

Silk Scrunchie

Unicorn Hair Tie

Mini Buddha Snow Globe

Montclair Mugs

Snoop Dogg
“From Crook to Cook”

Taco and Hamburger Socks