Mega Monopoly

  • THE MEGA EDITION: The fast-dealing Property Trading Game.
  • BIGGER GAME BOARD: 50% larger than most boards. New Depots and Skyscrapers. New $1000 bills.
  • FASTER: Special speed Die and bus tickets quickly zip you to where the action is! Buildings appear sooner…and so do big rents!
  • CONTENTS: Quad-fold gameboard,32 houses,12 hotels, 8 skyscrapers,4 depots,10 tokens, 37 title deeds,16 chance and community chest cards,16 bus tickets,2 dice,1 speed die, money, tray, and instructions.
  • CREATE A “Mega Exciting” Experience!

Dimensions: 2.36 x 15.91 x 13.86 inches

Recommended Age: 8+


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